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Roshawn Dorsey,

affectionately known as Ms. Ro, is a

dynamic inspirational speaker with a story that resonates with triumph over adversity, the power of resilience, and perseverance.

 She is the founder of Ms. Ro's Dance Closet, a premiere dance-wear boutique, catering to all skin tones, ages, and sizes, for all genres of the performing arts.

Her journey from a young dance enthusiast in Compton to a multifaceted community leader in Georgia is a testament to her unwavering spirit

She has had a passion for dance her entire life. She started her first dance team at the age of 13. She moved to GA. in 1992 to kick her professional dance career into gear but sadly, shortly after moving, she had two life-changing car accidents. She was told she should never dance again.

With God's grace, in 1999 she opened her dance Studio "-N- Motion Dance" where she created an award-winning dance company. After 10 years of running the studio, the physical damage from the car accidents was so severe that she was forced to close her beloved school.

In the same year, she was struck with a medical condition called Bell's Palsy which left her with permanent partial facial paralysis.

Her passion for dance never wavered. A few years later, she opened Ms. Ro's Dance Closet in the heart of Historic College Park. At that time she was one of the only Black-Owned Dancewear Boutiques in Georgia, and there were only 6 in the United States.

She received an appointment to the College Park Main Street Association Board of Directors. She is a member of the College Park Cultural Arts Council and The City of South Fulton Arts Commission.

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In 2015, Ms. Ro co-founded Permission to F.L.Y. (fully love yourself), a non-profit organization that empowers and inspires girls and women with rare visible medical conditions such as Bell's Palsy, Vitiligo, Discoid Lupus, Albinism, Vitiligo.., to push for their dreams. Using performing arts, education, and mentorship as vehicles of activism and advocacy. Permission to FLY offers girls and women a platform to share their stories and "Embrace The Beauty In Their Uniqueness". Ms. Ro is the proud mother of two daughters, Destiny & Bree, & grandmother of two, Corde' & Daija,

A few of Ms. Ro's notable achievements- copy.png__PID:858cbbdb-4d60-479d-a084-b57b0e9a7784A few of Ms. Ro's notable achievements- copy.png__PID:1c9c839c-7d84-4038-b91b-f7d8d96dbe2a
  • Member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. Mecca Chapter.
  • Awarded the Trailblazer Award, from Tri-Cities Performing Arts Magnet High School.
  • Awarded business of the year for Historic College Park.
  • Through Permission to F.L.Y. she created “The Arts” in College Park (a performing arts workshop).
  • Founder of the “Dressing Your Dreams Award” (a dance clothing scholarship).
  • Founder of the Ashley Rose Memorial Scholarship in memory of the Co-founder of Permission To F.L.Y.
  • Awarded the "Shining Star Award" (from the city of College Park).
  • Partner in Education with Tri-cities H. S. and Stillwell H. S.
  • Respiratory Therapist, CPR and First Aid instructor, and Real Estate Agent.

Signature Topics

Permission To F.L.Y. (Fully Love Yourself)

Empowering Women and Girls With Rare Visible Medical Conditions.

Let’s talk Dance

( Building a More Inclusive Future. The Power of Representation. )

“Embracing the Beauty in Your Uniqueness”.

(loving the things you cannot change)

Becoming Persevilient

(Persevere + Resilient = Unstoppable)


In-Store Hours and Location

Tue-Fri 11:30 - 7:00
Sat 10:00 - 4:00

3761 Main Street
College Park, GA 30337

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide inspiration, and empowerment, through dance-fashion. We will have you confident and ready for the studio or the stage. WE ARE DRESSING YOUR DREAMS!

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