Mission: To Empower and Inspire girls and women with rare and complex conditions through the performing arts, advocacy, education and mentor-ship.

We are not here to give you the permission, we are reminding you that You Have Always Had Permission To Fly.  (Fully Love Yourself)


Permission To F.L.Y was  founded by Ashley Rose Favors and her mentor Ms. Roshawn Buxton.  Geared towards cultivating women and girls.

Ironically the title of Ashley’s platform has also taken on a whole new meaning since her un-timely death. Please let people know where this comes from… Permission to Fully Love Yourself and live your dreams. Those of us who knew Ashley, know that she was a visionary and was oh so determined to create success for herself and anyone she encountered.

Please help to keep her dream alive!! Ashley Rose did everything  from radio hosting, fashion styling, hair styling, event planning, choreography, and personal development. Ashley truly worked hard to fulfill her purpose.

We are all soo talented and have creative abilities that Ashley would want to embrace using this platform. Though her earthly shell has transitioned, her spirit/soul still remains. So for now, lets continue her legacy by letting the world know how many lives she touched.

please join our Facebook page to be inspired, educated, and help grow the movement.  Please use the #permissiontoFLY when you think of her, or you are sharing inspirational words.

 Fully Love Yourself